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The biggest secret in BodyBuilding is finally revealed……. Welcome to the new world of MI40Nation!

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MI40X is Here!!

After what felt like an eternity, MI40X is finally here. This truly is the best muscle building program ever created, and arguably the last you’ll ever need.

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Nutrition MI40X MI40Nation

Nutrition 101

Let’s forget bodybuilding for a minute. Forget fat loss, forget protein shakes and forget your meat and nuts breakfast. Let’s go back to absolute basics, and ask the crucial question. “How well do you REALLY understand nutrition?”

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Carb Backloading MI40X MI40Nation

Carb Backloading for MI40X

CARBS One of the most debated, contentious and important topics in all of bodybuilding nutrition. For MI40X we’ve been developing some great nutrition tools and guides, but one thing we all agree on is the principle of using carbs intelligently and at specific times. And the book we all own and all talk about is…

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Be Different MI40X

Time to Quit

Just give up. You’ll never become Mr Olympia. You’ll never get the six-pack. You’ll never get rid of the beer belly. It’s time to get real and start enjoying life. You only live once right?

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MI40X Price

What’s Your Price?

Everyone has a price. Don’t deny it. I’ve got one, and so have you. But what is it?  

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MI40X Commit

MI40X Secrets to Success #2 – Commit

During the testing of MI40X we saw some pretty amazing results. And these are from experienced PT’s, strength athletes and competitive bodybuilders. So we’re NOT talking novice gains here! And what did the best performers have in common?

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MI40X Sleep

MI40X Secrets to Success #1 – Sleep

Okay MI40Nation, Enough messing around. Let’s start giving away the good stuff. In this series, I’m going to REVEAL the factors that will make ALL the difference when it comes to your MI40X training. Today, we start with sleep.

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Carbs For MI40X

Carbs Made Simple

I get the same damn question every day. Every……………..single……………….day! “When should I eat carbs?” There’s loads of answers, usually starting with “It depends…” but today I’m going to give you an ultra-simple answer you can live your whole life by.

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MI40x Coming Soon

MI40X – The Return of MI40

You all know what MI40 is right? Of course you do, but if not, here‘s the lowdown. But every dog has its day, and the time for next generation in fitness to arrive. Welcome to the birth of the new MI40, introducing MI40X…

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