Ben Pakulski Training MI40X

A Little Bit Extra

Okay, you’re smashing your way through your program, and you’re seeing great results.

I get it. It’s a great place to be.

And like any great trainee you want MORE!! Always MORE!!

But how? Do you train more often? Add sets? Add reps? Add isolation?

Will I overtrain? Will my rest be affected?

Here’s what you need to know…

Firstly, chill the hell out!!

If you’re getting great results then you don’t want to fundamentally change ANYTHING!

Second, with MI40 and MI40X you’re not going to overtrain if you do a little bit more.

It’s just too damn hard to let you do too much.

BUT WHAT about those lagging body parts?

We all have them.

Small Calves

As with anything these days, it DEPENDS.

The bigger muscles should be covered by the program, but if not then you’ll want to check your form.

Just “doing” the exercise without INTENT and proper range of motion will not develop the target muscles.

The smaller muscles can take daily work. BPak has trained calves daily for years.

Forearms are another you could isolate with some curls every day or two.

Just do these as an extra block of sets at the end of your “proper” workout and it’ll certainly make a difference.

Abs are another muscle group you could do more regular work on.

To a slightly lesser extent you could do more bicep work, but do this anywhere near your bicep/pull workout day and you’ll suffer BIG TIME!


After that you’re looking at Triceps, chest and back.

Overdo these at your PERIL.

The last thing you want is to hurt your prescribed program and impact your great gains.


The MI40 and MI40X programs are designed to give you a complete and well rounded progression, and do include extras.

So they should give you everything you need, but a little bit extra WILL NOT HURT YOU!

Any questions, just Ask The Insider, here on Twitter.