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Carb Backloading for MI40X


One of the most debated, contentious and important topics in all of bodybuilding nutrition.

For MI40X we’ve been developing some great nutrition tools and guides, but one thing we all agree on is the principle of using carbs intelligently and at specific times.

And the book we all own and all talk about is John Kiefer’s Carb Backloading.


To say that Carb Backloading is controversial is the understatement of the century.

There have been a few savage attacks critiquing the book.

There are some that say that carbs are something to be completely avoided.

And there are those that think you can eat whatever carbs you want, whenever and it really doesn’t matter.


But what YOU need to care about is this….

The people you TRUST and the people you RESPECT all follow some type of Carb Backloading.

Arnie did it.

Ben Pakulski does it.



Carb Backloading MI40X MI40Nation

Carb Backloading eBook

So what is it????

In a nutshell it’s the method and science behind intelligently (and precisely) using carbs for optimal fat loss and muscle gain.

It’s an eBook available for instant download.

And if you want references, studies and biochemistry then it has it in spades.

Lots of spades.


The other MAJOR part of this book is its supplementation section.

It goes deep into proteins, amino acids and insulin.

It answers those questions you always had about WHY you should take certain supplements at certain times.

And explains ketosis and ketogenesis and the true role in fat loss and muscle gain.


Asking round the MI40X team here, everyone has this book.

It’s one of those seminal texts that you have to own, and you never regret buying.

We can’t recommend it enough, so head on over to Carb Backloading and get DOMINATING those CARBS!



We’ve got a few more approved books and pieces of equipment we’ve used for MI40X that I’ll put online very soon. Check out the current list on the Approved page.


And if you’ve got any books and equipment you think we should list, please let us know in the comments section.


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