Carbs For MI40X

Carbs Made Simple

I get the same damn question every day.


“When should I eat carbs?”

There’s loads of answers, usually starting with “It depends…” but today I’m going to give you an ultra-simple answer you can live your whole life by.

For us aspiring bodybuilders, carbs provided lots of great roles which I won’t go into now, but crucially for optimal muscle growth you DEFINITELY DO need them. (How much you need is covered in MI40X)

But, the MASSIVE problem with carbs is they are acutely fattening, and who wants to be a chubster? NOT ME!

So getting the right intake of carbs is important, but then there is the big question of WHEN to have them.

==>Internet Warrior Alert<==

At this point, some idiot will join the conversation telling you that nutrient timing isn’t important.

He’ll claim it’s all about the TOTAL macros over a 24 hour period and then he’ll send you a photo of how jacked he looks eating Pop-Tarts for breakfast and Chocolate Cake for dinner. (Therefore he must be right, surely….)

And then he’ll also send you a study he’s found on Pubmed, which absolutely PROVES he MUST be right.

But here’s the reality.


How do I know? How can I know?


Ask the people that MUST know. They cannot not know. It’s their job, their lives and their passion TO know.

These people are the Mr Olympia competitors.

They know that the timing of their food, especially carbohydrates DOES DEFINITELY matter!


And fortunately you’re in the right place, because here at Camp Pakulski we have Ben and his peers to show us the way.

MI40X will tell you everything you need to know in detail, butĀ sometimes people just want a SIMPLE set of rules.

They won’t give you the best results, but they will be incredibly easy to follow, let you enjoy good muscle growth and ensure you achieve considerable fat loss, all whilst giving it zero thought.


The Rules

  1. Avoid carbs in your meals in the morning and at lunch.
  2. Eat carbs in your evening meal if you’ve worked out that day.
  3. If you don’t work out (e.g. a rest day), don’t have any carbs all day.
  4. Have carbs in your PWO (Post Workout) shake, whatever time of day you train.
  5. Only have carbs in your PWO shake if your workout is predominantly resistance training
  6. Cardio focused workouts should not be followed by carbs in your PWO shake,

N.B. By “carbs” I don’t mean green veg, peppers, mushrooms etc…

Remember to earn your carbs. If you train then you’re allowed them. If not, no carbs for you!