Ben Pakulski Intensity MI40

Intensity – MI40X Style

Answer this question – Are you giving it 100%?

And by 100% I really do mean 100%!

If you’re not sure, try answering another question – Do you train as hard as Ben Pakulski???

I’ll bet you don’t, and I’ll tell you why…

There’s a simple reason. It’s not that you don’t want to, it’s that you don’t know how to!

Think of those times people in car accidents summon up superhuman strength and lift a car.

They’re not super-strong and certainly don’t train for that moment.

The moment ITSELF creates the adrenalin powered strength required to lift that car.

**Intensity works the SAME way**

No life threatening incident is making you lift that extra weight.

You can’t just walk into the gym and expect to train at your absolute best.

You need to KNOW HOW to reach this.

And this isn’t something you can learn from a book, or even from MI40.


Only through repeated training sessions, working at your very top rate can you begin to learn your different limits.

Some limits aren’t limits at all and can be pushed past. Others are levels of pain that must be reached beyond.

Gain as much experience as you can working at the extremes. Make those your norm and then find new extremes. Never stop!

Training with different styles and with different coaches will help you learn what 100% REALLY looks like.


But why does this all matter? Surely training VERY hard is good enough?

Well the simple answer is in the photos you see of those MI40 trainees that have made pretty radical transformations.

They ALL train with a RIDICULOUS level of intensity!

Instead of just grinding out those workouts, if you can truly DOMINATE them in a style that BPak himself would be proud of then you’ll unlock the true value of the MI40 programs.

And when that one day comes, when you’ll be training with Ben Pakulski alongside you (it will come), then you’d better be ready!