MI40X Sleep

MI40X Secrets to Success #1 – Sleep

Okay MI40Nation,

Enough messing around.

Let’s start giving away the good stuff.

In this series, I’m going to REVEAL the factors that will make ALL the difference when it comes to your MI40X training.

Today, we start with sleep.

Sounds lame I know.

You’re now thinking I’m going to start talking about meditation…..

Don’t worry, I’m not going that far.

BUT, I will tell you that SLEEP is the one element that pretty much EVERYONE, including YOU are getting wrong.


First, let’s talk about why sleep matters in the first place.

  • It’s the time your body recovers.
  • It’s the time you mentally recover.
  • It’s the time you hormonally straighten yourself out.
  • It’s the time you build muscle.
  • It’s the time you burn fat.
  • It’s the time you’re not getting stressed out.

All good stuff, you’ll agree.

Yet we treat sleep like a “waste of time”.

INSTEAD, think of sleep as a brilliant USE of time.

And like in the gym, do it for the right amount of time and do it properly.

Get 8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep and turn off ALL sources of light in your bedroom.


I know what you’re thinking, “Does it really make a difference, as long as I’m eating right and following MI40X?”

And the answer is a ridiculously huge YES!!!!!!

And you’ll know this if you’ve ever been stuck on a plateau with fat loss or muscle gain and you suddenly get your sleep right.

Out of nowhere things just start improving.

Gains just start appearing.

Fat seems to just fall off.


Let’s talk about MI40X for a minute.

This mutha is hard. SERIOUSLY hard, and you’ll know very soon when you start it.

And you would not believe how much it relies on good sleep.

The intensity is ridiculous and you’ll need to have amazing recovery, which will always require great sleep.


So it really comes down to this:

Get your sleep right NOW, and your training will suddenly become so much more effective.

Or, carry on with crappy sleep, and keep wondering why everyone else is making the transformations you keep thinking are impossible.




To help with sleep, turn off all TV’s/tablets/phones at least an hour before bed and avoid stimulants after 4pm. And do your best to get your sleep right BEFORE you start MI40X. You’ll need it!



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