MI40X Commit

MI40X Secrets to Success #2 – Commit

During the testing of MI40X we saw some pretty amazing results.

And these are from experienced PT’s, strength athletes and competitive bodybuilders.
So we’re NOT talking novice gains here!

And what did the best performers have in common?

To start I’ll tell you what they DIDN’T do.

They DIDN’T do a normal full day of work, get to 10pm and think:

“Damn! I haven’t worked out yet, I’ll get to the gym, do the required reps and then get myself back home.”

They DIDN’T reach dinner time and think:

“Damn! I haven’t got any food in. I’ll just have some toast to keep my metabolism firing.”

And they certainly DIDN’T watch Game of Thrones until 2am, followed by an early start at work.
What they ALL DID do was get their priorities straight.

Before the start of the program they sat down and decided what was important in their lives and ranked them accordingly.

They then COMMITTED to focusing on those top priorities and understood what key parts of their lives they would sacrifice for the next 40 days.


===>Let’s take a pause for the moment<===

!!!! Commitment = Sacrifice !!!!

Understand this. Learn this. Believe this.

If you can embrace this fact then you will understand what it takes to truly succeed at something.
And conversely why people always fail.

Commitment always equals sacrifice, and without commitment your aggressive goals just aren’t going to be reached.

  • Committing to your wife = no other women
  • Committing to your diet = no beer pong
  • Committing to your MI40X = no marathon training alongside
  • Committing to your 10pm Spanish class = no early nights
  • Committing to your kids = no late evenings at work

Doing things “Properly” will always mean sacrifice somewhere along the lines.


Okay, okay, back to MI40X.

As I keep telling you, MI40X is HARD, but with the right focus it is very doable.
How “doable” is up to you.

You can just “do” the program, wear your MI40X badge and tell everyone on Twitter how great you are.
You can COMMIT to to the program, and SHOW everyone on Twitter how great you LOOK.


So what does committing to MI40X look like?

(Caveat – remember this is a fixed length program and NOT a lifestyle, so a bit of short term sacrifice is okay.)

Some of our trainees did the following:

  • Always went to bed at 10pm, no exceptions, ever.
  • Went food shopping 3/4 times per week to ensure they never ran out of great quality produce.
  • Planned every day AROUND their training, ensuring every gym session received complete focus.
  • Spent their rest days actually resting, and not stressing over work or running marathons.
  • Managed their work schedules to accomodate their training, and not the other way round.
  • Agreed with their families that time with them might have to be changed or reduced to allow them to disappear off to the gym or grocery store more often.
  • Attended bachelors/stag parties sober.
  • Spent vacations abroad sober and eating exactly as per the diet.
  • Trained whilst on vacation.

And those that did got the BIGĀ results.

So the question is, will you commit? And if so, what will you sacrifice?



Let us know in the Comments box below what you sacrificed during MI40, and what you’ll again be sacrificing for the awesome MI40X.