MI40x Coming Soon

MI40X – The Return of MI40

You all know what MI40 is right?

Of course you do, but if not, here‘s the lowdown.

But every dog has its day, and the time for next generation in fitness to arrive.

Welcome to the birth of the new MI40, introducing MI40X

To give it its full title, MI40X stands for Mass Intentions 40 Xtreme version 2.0.

But to you and me, let’s just stick with naming it MI40X.


The premise behind MI40X is the culmination of all of Ben Pakulski’s programs, experience, training, learning and collaboration with globally recognised experts in Sports Science, Nutrition and Fitness.

If you’d seen HypertrophyMax or MI40 before then you’ll recognise some of the principles behind MI40X.

It has its roots firmly in MI40 but I can assure you IT IS VERY DIFFERENT.



So I know what you’re thinking.

Give me the details! Is it for me? Should I buy it?


Okay, okay. I’m currently finishing the FULL review of MI40X, as an eBook.MI40X Review eBook


This is going to be unique as only a small handful of us testers have gone through the program.

If you see anyone else claim they’re reviewed it, then they definitely have not experienced it, or even seen it!


The MI40X Review eBook will be going on Sale for $9.99, but I’m releasing it privately (for FREE) to subscribers of MI40Insider News who signup in the next 30 days.

It’s all FREE, so make sure you’ve signed up to the MI40Insider News, and as soon as it’s released it’ll be on its way to you!