Ben Pakulski Training MI40X

A Little Bit Extra

Okay, you’re smashing your way through your program, and you’re seeing great results. I get it. It’s a great place to be. And like any great trainee you want MORE!! Always MORE!! But how? Do you train more often? Add sets? Add reps? Add isolation? Will I overtrain? Will my rest be affected? Here’s what you…

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Ben Pakulski Intensity MI40

Intensity – MI40X Style

Answer this question – Are you giving it 100%? And by 100% I really do mean 100%! If you’re not sure, try answering another question – Do you train as hard as Ben Pakulski??? I’ll bet you don’t, and I’ll tell you why…

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MI40x Coming Soon

MI40X is coming!!

What’s going on in the MI40 camp at the moment? Well, we’re working like Trojans, getting ready for the launch of MI40X. You’re gonna love it! Details will be coming, and to make sure you hear about it first, subscribe to my Insider news here

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