Be Different MI40X

Time to Quit

Just give up.

You’ll never become Mr Olympia.

You’ll never get the six-pack.

You’ll never get rid of the beer belly.

It’s time to get real and start enjoying life.

You only live once right?

If you’re anything like me you get this a lot.

You so called “friends” and family asking why you doing everything so extreme.

They mock your low carb diet.

They laugh at your weight training.

They ridicule your stockpile of supplements.

They talk steroids as soon as you do make any gains.


Maybe it’s time to just give in, eat pies and leave exercise for someone else.


You go for it mate.


………………………..I won’t be.


I’ll be the one telling these so called “friends” to go outside and play hide and go f yourself.

I’ll take their negativity and USE IT to make ME stronger.


In fact, I’m GLAD they are happy with being “normal”.

I never want to be normal.

I’ll never be a super-hero but I’ll always strive to reach beyond normal.

Normal is diabetic, obese, unhappy, divorced, ill, sedentary, unfit and cynical.

That’s not for me.


And with this mission to be “better”, I hold myself completely accountable.

And to those that doubt me and my journey, I have plenty to prove but NEVER to you.



But like anyone, I’m only human.

I have a life, I have holidays and I have other work.

Building and maintaining the perfect body all year round isn’t going to happen.

Eating “clean” and giving the gym complete commitment every day would be impossible.

I’m not a robot, and I wouldn’t want to be.


But the good news is the big results can accommodate the ups and the downs.

It’s about keeping it up at the RIGHT time.

40 Days – That’s all you need to see some massive changes with MI40X.

40 days of complete commitment.

40 days is nothing, it’s not even six weeks.

If you can’t find 40 days to give to something you GENUINELY want, then you DON’T actually want it.

Or, maybe you just don’t deserve it……


Despite the name of MI40Xtreme, 40 days of training, eating and sleeping well is NOT being extreme.

It’s certainly not normal,

But who wants that?



Let us know in the Comments box below what makes you “not normal”.


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