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What’s Your Price?

Everyone has a price.

Don’t deny it.

I’ve got one, and so have you.

But what is it?


We all love to think we give it 100% in the gym each time.

I discuss it more here.

But if we’re truly honest we rarely give it 100% (if ever).

BUT, if you know your price, you can certainly do a LOT better.


Your price is your motivator.

It’s the reward that will make you do the impossible, the undesirable, the humiliating and the painful.

It’s the thing that will make you do what you KNOW you cannot do, yet somehow YOU CAN.


You need to see your price.

It needs to be tangible.

It needs to be something you truly want.



How many press-ups could you personally perform in one go before you collapse?

Okay, take that number and add ten.

Reckon you could hit this number?


Add another five.

How about now?

At some point the proverbial straw will break the camel’s back.

But how will you know when your back is about to break?

Do you REALLY KNOW when you’re reaching failure?



The depressing truth is that our physical limits are constrained by our mental limits.

The right mental motivator can push you beyond what you think your muscles can do.

When you reach your supposed limits, could you push further?

And if so, what price or motivator will achieve that?


I’ll be honest, when I’m being coached by a PT or by Ben Pakulski, two primary things motivate me to push ridiculously hard.

1) Not looking pathetic in front of someone else.

2) Doing everything in my power to prevent this massive guy shouting at me to work harder.

And when I train by myself I don’t have this “stimulus”, so I need to find another price.

Another motivation that I can use to push for more.


Currently, on MI40X I keep it simple, telling myself:

“Could you do just one more perfect rep for $1 million?”

Funny how pretty much every time I manage to do the rep.

(I’m yet to see the gym fairy delivery my $1 million….)


Other people may have more primary and real drivers.

The competing bodybuilder might focus on winning the upcoming competition.

The athlete might focus on beating his best time.

If you can visualise and “feel” your reward, and it would genuinely MATTER to you, then try using this technique next time you reach your limits.

I’ll bet you my $1 million you can do that extra rep.



Use the comments box below to tell us your motivator that keeps you smashing it every time in the gym.



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